now am using microsoft word office 2010 in linux …what are u waiting for???

In Linux systems, including Ubuntu if you want to run programs designed for Windows you must install and use Wine. Wine lets you run many Windows’ programs in Linux systems. This guide will show you how to install Wine, install and use Office 2010 in Ubuntu. This tutorial is going to shop quick and easy, especially for new users. Continue reading


hey do u want to use c/c++ compiler in linux terminal

most of us like to use geany in linux as a compiler o others in windows prefer to use codeblock but the ril thing is all of these take a lot of ur MB do to the GUI or graphical user interface they use but when you are using c compiler in terminal ur life goes easy and smooth…
i prefer to use c compiler o gcc — gnome c compiler but all of them are the same cs they are commands are similar
how to install…? Continue reading

how to put security to a file under linux os

hello there am coming again ..are u using linux/unix os i hope the answer is yes………. ok here is the command called CHMOD means CHANGE MODE how does it work it is simple ….. chmod ( three digit numbers) filename eg. chmod 777 onestep91 this command allow all users to write read and also execute a file onestep91… Continue reading

are u linux/unix user or do u want to use it …??

from the title many of us know a lot on window OS but the real thing window has a lot of limitations . those limitations are like u have to have licence in order to use and  u cant fixed the way u want.. ! i mean customize it also u should have antivirus and pay a lot for licence here is the link which will help to shift to the new world of linux/unix this is the world of happiness people… Continue reading