now am using microsoft word office 2010 in linux …what are u waiting for???

In Linux systems, including Ubuntu if you want to run programs designed for Windows you must install and use Wine. Wine lets you run many Windows’ programs in Linux systems. This guide will show you how to install Wine, install and use Office 2010 in Ubuntu. This tutorial is going to shop quick and easy, especially for new users. Continue reading


you can have more than four partions in your PC hard disk

one day one of my friend suprise to see more than four partions in my PC. But the real thing is you can have a  lot of partions in your internal hard drive depends only on the size of it. PC alllow to have only four primary primary partion partion which most of us   know only about them.but the thing is in each of this partion u can make it as an extended partion and have a lot of logical partions in it. do partion fast by click START and search for FDISK also u can use command line (cmd) by checking the following instruction click here

How do I install a computer driver?


Microsoft Windows user

Depending on how the driver has been packaged is what determines how the driver will be installed. Below is additional information about each of the methods developers use to distribute their drivers and how you would install the drivers in Microsoft Windows.

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how to know the speed of the internet your using

Many times we have got a problem of slow speed of internent connection and other time companies which provide internent to us  (ISP) they tell us wrong  on the speed of the internet which they give us if you want to test the speed of the internent you are using and also know your IP adress click here