how to put security to a file under linux os

hello there am coming again ..are u using linux/unix os i hope the answer is yes………. ok here is the command called CHMOD means CHANGE MODE how does it work it is simple ….. chmod ( three digit numbers) filename eg. chmod 777 onestep91 this command allow all users to write read and also execute a file onestep91… Continue reading


do u want to run android on pc?

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are u linux/unix user or do u want to use it …??

from the title many of us know a lot on window OS but the real thing window has a lot of limitations . those limitations are like u have to have licence in order to use and  u cant fixed the way u want.. ! i mean customize it also u should have antivirus and pay a lot for licence here is the link which will help to shift to the new world of linux/unix this is the world of happiness people… Continue reading