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now am using microsoft word office 2010 in linux …what are u waiting for???

In Linux systems, including Ubuntu if you want to run programs designed for Windows you must install and use Wine. Wine lets you run many Windows’ programs in Linux systems. This guide will show you how to install Wine, install and use Office 2010 in Ubuntu. This tutorial is going to shop quick and easy, especially for new users. Continue reading

how zip ,unzip and compress files

Tapas Mishra

Command to create tar file

# tar -cvf example.tar example

It will create example.tar file.

Command to create tar.gz file

# tar -czf example.tar.gz example

Command to list the files in the archive

# tar -tzf example.tar.gz
# tar -tf example.tar

Command to extract a tar or tar.gz file

#tar –zxvf example.tar.gz

Command to encryption of a tar file

# tar -zcvf – example | openssl des3 -salt -k secretpassword | dd of=example.des3
This will create example.des3…Please don’t forget the password you put in place of secretpassword.
If you want to do this interactively then
# dd if=example.des3 |openssl des3 -d -k secretpassword|tar zxf –


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be carefull

Brain Knowledge

Linux’s terminal commands are powerful, and Linux won’t ask you for confirmation if you run a command that won’t break your system. It’s not uncommon to see trolls online recommending new Linux users run these commands as a joke.

Learning the commands you shouldn’t run can help protect you from trolls while increasing your understanding of how Linux works. This isn’t an exhaustive guide, and the commands here can be remixed in a variety of ways.

Note that many of these commands will only be dangerous if they’re prefixed with sudo on Ubuntu – they won’t work otherwise. On other Linux distributions, most commands must be run as root.

rm -rf / – Deletes Everything!

The command rm -rf / deletes everything it possible can, including files on your hard drive and files on connected removable media devics. This command is more understandable if it’s broken down:

rm – Remove the following files.


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nice article

Tapas Mishra

sudo command allows users to do tasks on a Linux system as another user.

Sudo is more  secure then su command.

Log files : /var/log/secure (Red Hat/Fedora / CentOS Linux)

/var/log/auth.log (Ubuntu / Debian Linux).

So we can get the details using above log files that which user has perform which task or command using sudo or as privilage user.

Below is the general syntax for /etc/sudoers file


Use of Sudo :

1) #visudo

2 )Enter this line in open file  tapas localhost=/sbin/reboot

3 ) Save the file

4 ) Now user tapas can reboot the server using below command

# sudo /sbin/reboot

You can see the information of this user in /var/log/auth.log  or /var/log/secure file

Examples :

1) Specify multiple commands for user tapas:

tapas ALL=/sbin/reboot, /etc/init.d/apache2 , /etc/init.d/mysql

2) Allow user tapas to run /sbin/reboot without any password
tapas ALL= NOPASSWD: /sbin/reboot

3) Allow user tapas…

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