how to put security to a file under linux os

hello there am coming again ..are u using linux/unix os i hope the answer is yes………. ok here is the command called CHMOD means CHANGE MODE how does it work it is simple ….. chmod ( three digit numbers) filename eg. chmod 777 onestep91 this command allow all users to write read and also execute a file onestep91… that doesnt allowed in system administration environment every file must be given a certain privilege then how to ……..  -r stands for read -w stands for write -x stands for execute how to change to a number…..-x= 2^0=1   -w=2^1=2  -r=2^2=4 so if u allow allow 3 process to be done by a certain user u get sum of 1+2+4=7  ok …there are three number first number stand for  a certain user may b natales second number stands for group of that user may be wordpress and the last stands for others maybe blogspots so when u use 777 means u allow a certain user and all members of his or her group and also other users to read write and execute that file so when you put privilege or security to a certain file you have to think about the type of the file and also users who use it cause others can read secreat files or overwrite other files….

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