how zip ,unzip and compress files

Tapas Mishra

Command to create tar file

# tar -cvf example.tar example

It will create example.tar file.

Command to create tar.gz file

# tar -czf example.tar.gz example

Command to list the files in the archive

# tar -tzf example.tar.gz
# tar -tf example.tar

Command to extract a tar or tar.gz file

#tar –zxvf example.tar.gz

Command to encryption of a tar file

# tar -zcvf – example | openssl des3 -salt -k secretpassword | dd of=example.des3
This will create example.des3…Please don’t forget the password you put in place of secretpassword.
If you want to do this interactively then
# dd if=example.des3 |openssl des3 -d -k secretpassword|tar zxf –


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